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1.Creative designer

1. Cooperate with the team to complete the creative design of graphic and packaging of automobile brands and various daily graphic design work;

2. More than two years of graphic design experience, major in design or above, solid art skills, strong innovation ability, able to complete daily design projects independently


2.Composite material R & D engineer

1. Responsible for cooperating with the manager to carry out the research and development of engineering plastics and special engineering plastic composite materials;

2. Bachelor degree or above in polymer, chemical engineering technology, materials science, etc.;


3.Intern business representative

1. Responsible for the signing of project contracts, the whole process, comprehensive management, and coordination of project production.

2. Flexible mind, business development and communication skills; Accept recent graduates.


4.Operator (salary 4K-8K)

1. Riveting welder: welder certificate is preferred; More than 3 years experience as a welder; docking various product skeletons; Will live, weld, need to climb about 3 meters high;

2. Profile assembler: assemble various logos; Can play structural glue, use hand drill, angle grinder, more than 3 years of profile assembly experience is preferred;

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